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Republic Earth is an educational, social, political, economic and technological ideology that aims at the establishment of a full global democracy that values all aspects of humanity around the world. Republic Earth primarily aims to build a global online democracy using the technology of the digital revolution, as soon everyone on Earth will be connected if they wish to be. Republic Earth also aims to increase the interconnection of peoples around the world in such a way that fosters a meaningful retention of all human cultures and languages throughout the globe.

Republic Earth appreciates that in the coming years people will increasingly reach, and relate to, people far beyond our own borders and language groups, sharing ideas, doing business and building genuine relationships. Republic Earth will also encourage people to be democratically active and creative, while also celebrating the creativity of humanity. Republic Earth believes that as more people come online, they will quite suddenly have access to almost all the world’s information in one place, in their own language, and the collective benefit of sharing human knowledge and creativity will be exponential.

The origins of Republic Earth are inspired by Australia and cities like Melbourne and Sydney, which have developed robust multicultural societies that have been enriched by greater diversity. According to Sacha Payne, ‘More than a quarter of Melbourne’s population was born overseas with Victorians speaking more than 260 languages and dialects, coming from 200 different countries and sharing 135 different faiths’. The goal of Republic Earth is to encourage a global proliferation in awareness of other cultures and peoples around the world for the greater benefit of humanity.

Republic Earth is secular and will adhere to the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights. The Republic Earth ideology believes in pluralism and aims to increase the interconnection of peoples around the world in such a way that fosters a soulful retention of all human cultures and languages throughout the globe. In doing so, the Republic Earth ideology will help to celebrate the creativity of humanity.

The Republic Earth concept builds on concepts and educational principles that originated in the classical world and the Renaissance, social principles promoted in multicultural societies, democratic principles that originated in Ancient Greece, economic principles promoted during the New Deal and technological principles promoted during the recent IT revolution. In doing so, the Republic Earth ideology seeks to create new global educational, political, social, economic and technological principles and institutions for the 21st century. Moreover, the Republic Earth ideology encourages Australia as being the country to lead this concept and sees cities like Melbourne potentially becoming a Global Capital in the 21st century, sharing the burden with other cities like New York in defending democracy and promoting diversity.

The Republic Earth concept also aims to assist Australia in becoming a modern prototype republic and aims to help it establish an Australian head of state; but the Republic Earth concept will hopefully broaden out to other countries and gain momentum worldwide, with valuing democracy and the fullness of humanity as the keys to long-lasting peace and enjoyment for all peoples on planet Earth. An editorial in The Age (2011) has pointed out ‘one thing that distinguishes Australia as a nation is that it does not owe its origin to war, revolution or civil upheaval’.  However, we also note the poor treatment of the indigenous population and that Australia is yet to establish its independence as a republic. The intent is that the Republic Earth concept will give Australia a broader context and greater sense of direction and purpose in fulfilling its dream of becoming a republic that is meaningful and purposeful for all of humanity.

Republic Earth is an ‘imagined community’. ‘Imagined communities’ is a concept coined by Benedict Anderson. An imagined community is different from an actual community because it is not (and, for practical reasons, cannot be) based on everyday face-to-face interaction between its members. For example, Anderson believes that a nation is a socially constructed community, imagined by the people who perceive themselves as part of that group. Within the ‘imagined community’ called Republic Earth there are 7.099 billion people, between 6,000 and 7,000 languages and 370 million indigenous people living in 90 countries around the world.

By Daniel White – (Co-Founder of Republic Earth) – 12 September 2014

Republic Earth is also an organisation that was formed on 12 September 2014 in Australia by Daniel White and Andrew White.  This website aims to celebrate democracy as humanity’s finest achievement by creating a global online democratic community called Republic Earth. We encourage people to become citizens & join the Republic Earth community, to vote and even create votes by contacting us by email below to be involved in this democratic process.


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  • Republic Earth will campaign to encourage people to become citizens of the global online democratic community called Republic Earth. Citizens will be able to meet in circles to discuss issues and citizens will be encouraged to become candidates to take the lead on democratic issues. If a candidate develops a popular idea, then Republic Earth will promote the idea as a ‘star’ democratic idea.
  • Republic Earth will use the 21st century to embark on a continual educational campaign to explain its ideology and advance democracy. Republic Earth will also promote the virtues of education, as democracy depends on citizens being educated so they can deliberate and debate an issue before determining their own vote.
  • Republic Earth will campaign to establish a global democracy by the end of the century. This will mean each human being will need access to at least a smart phone device or the internet to connect with this global online democratic community called Republic Earth.
  • Republic Earth will campaign for its education, social, political, economic and technological principles mentioned above to become globally relevant in the 21st century.
  • Republic Earth would campaign for all nations in the 21st century to consider becoming full-fledged democracies and become republics where the sovereignty of the nation is in the hands of the people. Australia should start this campaign by transitioning to a Republic of Australia with an Australian head of state.
  • Republic Earth understands that democracy alone is not enough and that a rules-based democracy needs to be developed in countries lacking a democratic political system at present. This includes ensuring the following in each country:

– A vigilant citizenry
– Freedom of information
– Anti-corruption bodies
– Ombudsman’s office
– Public audits
– Parliamentary oversight committees
– The judicial system
– Economic regulatory institutions
– The electoral commission
– Non-governmental organisations
– An independent media

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