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Democracy in China by 2050 – 民主中國到2050年。

Nov 18, 2014News

Republic Earth welcomes the People’s Republic of China President Xi Jinping’s articulation of the Chinese dream in the Australian Federal Parliament yesterday. The Chinese dream has two goals for China’s future development. “The first is to double the 2010 GDP and per capita income of urban and rural residents and build a society of initial prosperity in all respects by 2020. The second is to turn China into a modern socialist country that is prosperous, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious by the middle of the century’. Republic Earth hopes China can become a democracy by 2050 and hopes this Chinese dream can start in Hong Kong by allowing citizen or civil nominations for the Chief Executive of Hong Kong in the coming weeks.

民國地球歡迎的中國夢,在澳大利亞聯邦議會中國副主席習近平的關節中華人民共和國昨天,中國夢有兩個目標,為中國未來的發展。 “第一個是2010年的國內生產總值和城鎮人均收入和增加一倍農村居民和建設在各方面初步繁榮昌盛的社會,到2020年第二個是把中國建設成為一個社會主義現代化國家,是富強,民主,文明,和諧的世紀中期“ ,地球共和國希望中國能夠成為一個民主國家,到2050年,希望這個中國夢在香港,允許在未來幾週公民或公民提名為香港行政長官開始。


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